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You have fragged, you have died, have been fragged again, died again... and find the game nevertheless not sooo bad?





Hello again, freaks with too much time,

Let me (name above of the logo) briefly introduce you to what you are about to kill your time with, MONKEYS of DOOM!

MONKEYS of DOOM provides everything - and even more! - one can expect from a 3D-cartoon-shooter: Nude women, naked men, aggressive apes, blood, bones, guts and innards, innovative killing-devices, inviting surroundings under breathtaking skies...etc. pp.


MONKEYS of DOOM has not ripen like good wine over the past decade - it was great ab innitio and still is! - Just my humble opinion!


It's origin dates back to 2008, as far as I can remember. At some point in the early 2000s Conor O' Kane presented his 'Honey'-model to the QUAKE III ARENA modding-community. - To be honest: I didn't like it back then and still don't. (I don't like the Simpsons either, and I hate South Park by the way...)


So: “Why don't you like poor Honey?!” - Because: 'Honey' is not really cartoonish, not reduced to the max in matters of graphical abstraction. - But: 'Honey' lead the way for 3D-toonshading into idtech3 - at least for me!


Motto for my own sketches was: Draw as few lines as possible! Not with a graphics-card-friendly low polycount in mind, the outlines would double that anyway. But - as said above - for abstractions-sake.

That's why the figures in MONKEYS of DOOM are so “edgy” in terms of body-shape!


Others may ask themselves: “Why is MONKEYS of DOOM's cast naked?” - If you ask me:

- In case of the beasts: due to nature!

- In case of the humanoids: due to a slightly nudist nature of myself, maybe?


Here another fake-question: “WHY THE F**K DID I HAVE TO WAIT TEN YEARS FOR THIS S**T?!”

- Em... Good question... Next question, please!


Okay: "Is an even more IMPRESSIVE (voice of the Q3-announcer!) 3D-cartoon-shooting-game imaginable than MONKEYS of DOOM?”

- No! At least not for me. Not until MONKEYS of DOOM: FIRST GUTS PART II of course.


But for now: Stop asking! - GET RRREADY TO RRRUMBLE!!!






MONKEYS of DOOM's design-concept is based on two commandments:

1. Draw as few lines as possible.

2. Let those lines run parallel as often as possible.

I started like this:

(click to enlarge)

Although my memories are a bit blurry on the exact occasion, this was most likely drawn in a pub...You can see a triangled shape on the upper left, which comes out as a girl...

... and a more rectangled one on the right which evolved as a dude:

- Looking closer, the beer marks on the paper indicate that this was indeed drawn in a pub;-)

And that's what 3D MAX and me made out of it!

Here is "Mr. Monkey"...

... in all it's cartooney gloriousness...

... skeleton "Karl"...

... and 3D-Karl ...

... and the nameless stranger "Bob", not build in 3D yet.



© Wilko, 2008/2018


Commentts, hints, bugreports, fan- or hatepost: >wilko@monkeysofdoom.org





Introducing the cast!

Comments & Reviews*

- "Definitely THE most FUN map I've ever played!" (>Map Factory)

- "This is pure class (10/10)!" (>Doom3 Files)

- "I just fell in love with the Doom3-engine. This map looks awesome!" (>fpsbanana)

- "Ultimate Wackiness!" (>PlanetQuake)

- "Downloaded installed played loved it!" (>Polycount)

-"5/5" (>Fileplanet)

- "This looks funkier than a hippy wearing a clownsuit!" (>Doom3World)

- "I love the amusing fact that this mod is one of the very few with a wang in it." (>Mod Database )

- "Pros: awesome / Cons: awesome / Improvements: awesome" (>fpsbanana)

- "... a heartwarming lack of seriousness and a good dose of deranged inspiration." (>Games Radar )

Non-English Community

- "Lo sviluppatore Herri W , dopo averci fatto credere di non aver più intenzione di lavorare su altre mappe SP..." (>DoomItalia,Italy)

- "Après les versions pour Q3 et Q4 voilà un essai de cette univers etrange et fun sous Doom 3. " (>PMods , France)

- "In Punkto Grafik, Sound und Kreativität werden einmal mehr Maßstäbe gesetzt !" (>Quake4Maps ,Germany)

- "Потешная модификация под названием Monkeys of Doom. В игре появляется карта..." (>Igromania , Russia)

- "Girando nei meandri di PlanetQuake ho trovato, nella sezione downloads, divertenti novità: Herr W diMonkey Kombat Arena..." (>800A , Italy)

- "juhu...endlich mal wieder ein völlig bescheuerter Mod...ich liebe es....gibt viel zu wenig verrückte Spiele!" (>Quake.de , Germany)


* I kept the comments in although most links are meanwhile broken.


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