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First and foremost I thank >id Software! – For QUAKE III ARENA! (Although I always sucked when I played it.)

I thank them even more for GPL'ing idTech3's source-code, on which MONKEYS of DOOM is based!

Especially the following geniuses (genii?) have to be named:

John Carmack

Robert A. Duffy

Jim Dosé

John Romero


Next up: Many thanks to the Q3A-community - my brothers in virtual arms!

Some of them are :

Conor O' Kane

who introduced 3D-cartoon-shading-technics to idTech3 with his >“Honey”-model.

- My initial inspiration for MONKEYS of DOOM!





The ALMighty

and everyone else at >Quake3world who helped with his (or her?) know-how and friendly support!


6th Venom

Lloyd Markle

Daniel Schimmer


Brain Trepaning
















and all the other nice people at >Doom3World!


A Doom3-version of MONKEYS of DOOM is in the works and will be released in 20XX, I promise!


The Happy Friar

and Jube

from >PlanetQuake forum!


>OPEN ARENA – for the player-sounds I permitted myself to use in MONKEYS of DOOM. - Many, many thanks to you!

>OBITUARY – for “Turned Inside Out”! The intro- ans outro-loops are meant as promotion. - Buy their records!

Zager And Evans – for their tune >In the Year 2525 - Buy their records! ;-)

>Jean Couroyer – for his Karaoke-version of “In the Year...”

>freesound.org – I'm regrettably unable to remember which sound is from whom. Please let me know if you identify a sound and know it's creator!

Tempus-Fugit – for his BONGO-FRAKTUR-font!


To everyone I have forgotten: Pardon me! - An email, and you are immediately on the list!

© Wilko, 2008









MoD for DOOM 3! (Work in progress)

Comments & Reviews

- "Definitely THE most FUN map I've ever played!" (>Map Factory)

- "This is pure class (10/10)!" (>Doom3 Files)

- "I just fell in love with the Doom3-engine. This map looks awesome!" (>fpsbanana)

- "Ultimate Wackiness!" (>PlanetQuake)

- "Downloaded installed played loved it!" (>Polycount)

-"5/5" (>Fileplanet)

- "This looks funkier than a hippy wearing a clownsuit!" (>Doom3World)

- "I love the amusing fact that this mod is one of the very few with a wang in it." (>Mod Database )

- "Pros: awesome / Cons: awesome / Improvements: awesome" (>fpsbanana)

- "... a heartwarming lack of seriousness and a good dose of deranged inspiration." (>Games Radar )

Non-English Community

- "Lo sviluppatore Herri W , dopo averci fatto credere di non aver più intenzione di lavorare su altre mappe SP..." (>DoomItalia,Italy)

- "Après les versions pour Q3 et Q4 voilà un essai de cette univers etrange et fun sous Doom 3. " (>PMods , France)

- "In Punkto Grafik, Sound und Kreativität werden einmal mehr Maßstäbe gesetzt !" (>Quake4Maps ,Germany)

- "Потешная модификация под названием Monkeys of Doom. В игре появляется карта..." (>Igromania , Russia)

- "Girando nei meandri di PlanetQuake ho trovato, nella sezione downloads, divertenti novità: Herr W diMonkey Kombat Arena..." (>800A , Italy)

- "juhu...endlich mal wieder ein völlig bescheuerter Mod...ich liebe es....gibt viel zu wenig verrückte Spiele!" (>Quake.de , Germany)


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