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(Screenshots from the PC version)

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* This is the very first tiny bit of BERMUDA BYTES, the Adventure! - Requires >3DVIA-player



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Android / >Symbian / >Maemo / >Community

Thanks to thunderbird2k's awesome Kwaak3 project, Monkeys of Doom now run on Android OS! Motorola's Milestone was the first candidate to test this on cause it offers a variety of control options (Although I haven't found my perfect setup yet. But that might be due to a lack of talent as well;-)


Symbian / >Android / >Maemo / >Community

Thanks to Mr. >Olli Hinkka idtech3 and with it MoD works on Symbian based phones! (Well, at least on the more powerfull ones...) Visit Symbian Freaks for details and discussion >here and >here.

As you can see from the video below, the MoD is running at a nice, stable framerate of about 25 fps on Nokia's N95 8GB and N82.

Besides the small displays, controls are always an issue when porting 3D-stuff to portable devices. I haven't found many convincing solutions so far, one of the few is provided by Mr. >Paulius Petkevicious. Best thing about it: It works great with MoD!


Final challenge on the way to a good mobile shooter: wireless connection between the players! Thankfully Olli Hinkka was bearing that in mind from the beginning and equipped Symbian Q3 with ad-hoc WLAN support. Read >here how to set up a phone-to-phone deathmatch!


Maemo / >Android / >Symbian / >Community

Thanks to >Oliver McFadden, >ioQuake3 (and therefore Monkeys of Doom) is running nicely on a >Maemo-powered Nokia N900!- Observe:


I think the controls aren't perfect yet, but the rest rocks!



Community / >Android / >Symbian / >Maemo

Share your thoughts about mobile-MoD here...

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Comments & Reviews

- "Definitely THE most FUN map I've ever played!" (>Map Factory)

- "This is pure class (10/10)!" (>Doom3 Files)

- "I just fell in love with the Doom3-engine. This map looks awesome!" (>fpsbanana)

- "Ultimate Wackiness!" (>PlanetQuake)

- "Downloaded installed played loved it!" (>Polycount)

-"5/5" (>Fileplanet)

- "This looks funkier than a hippy wearing a clownsuit!" (>Doom3World)

- "I love the amusing fact that this mod is one of the very few with a wang in it." (>Mod Database )

- "Pros: awesome / Cons: awesome / Improvements: awesome" (>fpsbanana)

- "... a heartwarming lack of seriousness and a good dose of deranged inspiration." (>Games Radar )

Non-English Community

- "Lo sviluppatore Herri W , dopo averci fatto credere di non aver più intenzione di lavorare su altre mappe SP..." (>DoomItalia,Italy)

- "Après les versions pour Q3 et Q4 voilà un essai de cette univers etrange et fun sous Doom 3. " (>PMods , France)

- "In Punkto Grafik, Sound und Kreativität werden einmal mehr Maßstäbe gesetzt !" (>Quake4Maps ,Germany)

- "Потешная модификация под названием Monkeys of Doom. В игре появляется карта..." (>Igromania , Russia)

- "Girando nei meandri di PlanetQuake ho trovato, nella sezione downloads, divertenti novità: Herr W diMonkey Kombat Arena..." (>800A , Italy)

- "juhu...endlich mal wieder ein völlig bescheuerter Mod...ich liebe es....gibt viel zu wenig verrückte Spiele!" (>Quake.de , Germany)


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