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Potsdam, February 1st 2020 -



Potsdam, January 18th 2020 - MoD/Facebook

For all informations about MONKEYS of DOOM and especially the >download you are already in the right place!

If you want to discuss your new favourite game or just drop a comment, check out MoD on >Facebook!


Potsdam, December 31th 2019 - MoD vs. DE

I think, it was an extremely clever move of mine to release MONKEYS of DOOM - 10th anniversary Edition just a few weeks before DOOM ETERNAL comes out! - BECAUSE: DE is in (almost) NO WAY competitive with MoD!

Funniness? - MoD: 1 - DE: 0

Minimalism(ness)? - MoD: 1 - DE: 0

Pricelessness? - MoD: 1 - DE: 0

Brutalism(ness)? - Hm, I'm a little bit indecisive...

Clear result: MoD: 3 -DE: 0!


Potsdam, June 24th 2019 - MoD-Intro/Trailer

Behold your future opponents! - These guys, girls and mammals aren't as funny as they look!

They want to see you resting in pieces!

Prepare to panic!




Potsdam, May 20th 2019 - WEBSITE-RELAUNCH!

I hate HTML! - But have to cope with it. Cost me a dozen summer-nights to update this page.

>Buy a T-shirt for compensation!



Potsdam, May 1st 2019 - BACK FROM THE DEAD!

Dear cartoon-bloodthirsty friends,

I needed to take ten sabbaticials from MONKEYS of DOOM.

Life in the non-virtual world was not as boring as I feared. I bought myself a dog, a speedboat and was almost close to affiance. (- Okay, I guess, the latter is of no interest.)

But today I have good news for you: Downtime is over!


Thanks for your patience, release-day is nigh!







Potsdam, September 6th 2010 - TEMPLE OF BOO-BOO, reloaded!

Good news for today after a disastrous HD-crash: I finished re-building the legendary TEMPLE OF BOO-BOO map! Now it makes "ouch!" inside this fraggtacular place not only on PC but also on your cell phone!

Experience impressive architecture...

(click to enlarge)

... uber-creepy sceneries...


... and more monkeys than you will be alble to handle!




Potsdam, August 16th 2010 - MoD's cast trailer, now on YouTube too...

"In late 2010 men were tired of fighting and killing senselessly in post-apocalyptic dungeons and bad lit space stations. They decided to move to a toonier place... to fight and kill senselessly! Watch out for MONKEYS of DOOM! They may be lurking on a cell phone near you!"



Potsdam, July 27th 2010 - Please give a warm welcome to Monkeys of Doom's cast!

We start with Mister Monkey, continue with pure-evil Satan, then admire gorgeous Fräulein Rosa, watch poor castaway Mr. Robinson, Lady Pain in her fighting-boots, creepy Miss Mantis, Countess Hemoglobia, boozy Monsieur Cabernet... and all the other toon-warriors who make MONKEYS of DOOM so special!



Potsdam, July 26th 2010 - Monkeys of Doom go Android...

Behold the Android version of MONKEYS of DOOM, running on a Motorola Milestone! As you can see controls still need some tweaking (or I more practise;-)

Special thanks go to >thunderbird2k who ported idtech3 to Android OS ("Kwaak3")!



Potsdam, April 28th 2010 - Me vs. Doctor Fritz...

Greetings, dear monkey-lovers! Today I offer you the chance to watch me being beaten in a Banana Bowl deathmatch by Quake3-titan Doctor Fritz.

What an ego-crushing experience to catch frag by frag on homeground...


... Doctor Fritz in one of his many killing-sprees...

... Yet another set of irresistible moves performed by Q3-god Doctor Fritz.

...Watch Doctor Fritz beating the crap out of me, here from his perspective! 



Potsdam, April 23rd 2010 - Proof of life...

Good news everyone! After month of coding and cursing, trying and crying, daring and failing the monkeys are back! - Behold:

(MoD running on a Nokia N 95 8GB Symbian cell phone)  


(MoD-deathmatch on two phones connected via WLAN)

Can still hardly believe my own eyes when I see Mr. Monkey appearing on that tiny screen. Nevertheless he now has to die;-)

Visit the >mobile section for more or check out my >YouTube channel!



Potsdam, January 20th 2010 - New Year, new website!

Those of you who check in here from time to time may have noticed that there hasn't been much to notice for quite a while. That's still because of me being fully occupied with MoD-to-celphone conversion.

So I guess you ARE surprised to find MoD head-quarter im a totally new design today! Colors and style are an adaption of the celphone menu. Hope you like them!

Best news is that MoD runs absolutely smooth on Nokia's N95 8GB and N82 now, even ad-hoc WLAN connections are supported. SO MAKE YOURSELF READY FOR THE MOST INTENSE PHONE-TO-PHONE COMBAT YOU WILL HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!

Oh, and check out the brand-new topic, ">mobile", containing everything you want to know about celphone-MoD! Unfortunately this isn't very much so far ;-)

Stay tuned!




Potsdam, March 11th 2009 - I know, I know...

It has been pretty quiet here for a while. Reason is that I am still totally occupied by transferring MoD to Symbian! I already told you about >Olli Hinkka's great achievements in Mobile-Quakening, and meanwhile the baby has grown to absolute awesomeness. - A guy named Sarge managed to bring >accelerometer support into game, which means you can run around just by tilting the phone!

Behold the video Sarge recorded :

(Video captured from tv-out,

aiming and moving by accelerometer/d-pad control!)

Exactly the same works with MONKEYS of DOOM! Video proof is coming soon...

I myself wasn't lazy, too, and put together the very first MoD-map tweaked especially for mobile combat! Location is set in the legendary "TEMPLE of BOO-BOO" (... because it makes "Outch!" inside). Here come some pictures of the place:

(Nokia N95-8GB resolution of 320x240pix)

Gonna release it within the mobile-pack!

(Oh, and and seems as if the >id-guys a little bit behind ;-)



Potsdam, January 22th 2009 - Is this the year of Mobiles'n'Monkeys?!

Faszinating news, everyone! Mr. >Olli Hinkka has managed to port idtech3 (exactly: the very same engine MoD uses) to Symbian OS driven phones! Well, unfortunately not to ALL Symbian driven phones, but at least to those in the high-end league. Read more on >Symbian Freaks and check out >this video!

I did some testing, and - YES! - it DOES work with MoD!!! Extraordinarily awesome to watch my little freaks coming to life and death on that tiny cellphone screen...




Potsdam, December 21th 2008 - Alpha testers wanted!


(click on the images for a larger view)

Here comes the >alpha version of KING-KONG MEMORIAL (1.8MB)*, brand-new map for MoD. As mentioned it is set in ruined Empire State Building, which now - after these damn monkeys conquered earth - serves as a giant mausoleum for their deceased ruler.

I have to admit that the map has become MUCH BIGGER than I intended. (Guess that's because there aren't many aspects of smallness in ESB;-) Can only hope you have pretty potent hardware and a lot of friends (or enemies) to play KKM...

In this state KKM is only for testing and bugfixing, not for looking good or being great fun to play (although it is not forbidden to have fun with it ;-)

- the layout is very rough and basic

Would be really cool if you have hints and tips on how to improve KKM for me! There's a place for that on >Quake3world.


* Unzip this into your baseq3 directory. There should be a new file, "kingkong_84.pk3". Run Q3A, choose "Multiplayer", press "Create" and look for a map named "kingkong 084" in "Free For All" mode.



Potsdam, November 6th 2008 - "An Evil Monkey?! - What an original idea!"


(click on the images to enlarge them)

This unfriendly comrade is the youngest inhabitant in the squary wilderness of MoD. His name is Mr. O'Rilla, and yes, he IS a gorilla!



Potsdam, October 25th 2008 - No worries...

... the monkeys are still alive and angrier than ever! That's maybe because they can't wait to enter their next battlefield of toon, set in devastated New York and named "KING KONG MEMORIAL"...



Potsdam, September 15th 2008 - You want a story?

"It all happened in early 2011: Armed monkeys wiped mankind from the face of the earth without any forewarning. Only you and a couple of other freaks survived. There's no chance to put your species back on track, but then why not at least piss off as many of the new rulers as possible?

You enter an >orbital burial ground, stuffed with the bodies of your loser friends. Weaponry is provided, so let's kick some fluffy pink monkey butt!"



Potsdam, August 29th 2008 - Something BIG is up to come...

Check out the new screenies! - Toon beauties of the highest grade, right?! They are taken from a really cool map named "Floating Stonefaces" by Mr. >sst13, monkeysofdoomified by me.

Release should be in a couple of days so pop in here from time to time!



Potsdam, August 7th 2008 - ACHTUNG, ACHTUNG: My crappy 1&1-mailserver was down (again)!

Hard to say for how long, but if you tried to contact me in the last couple of days, your mail may have been lost. So, if I haven't replied: Please >send it again.

Sorry for the inconvinience!



Potsdam, July 30th 2008 - MoD-Couture available!

Equip yourself with superhip, toonbulletproof and of course womanetic monkey wear! The "shop"-button brings you where you want to be.

And now: Go to shop and consuuuuume... consuuuuume... consuuuuume... - DO IT!



Potsdam, June 19th 2008 - Head Tracking, Cam Tracking, Panoramic VR!

Posting no news here for over a month doesn't mean I've been lazy. - No, not at all, Sir!

Have you noticed on what faszinating methods people work to replace the old mouse/keyboard control? Three of them look especially interesting to me:

1. Best known is >Johnny Lee's Headtracking experiment with the wiimote. The guys from >Hyper TMG promise us a version for Q3! Can hardly wait to test it with my monkeys!

2. Even more interesting, but probably not capable of controlling a first person shooter yet is ">CamSpace" by CamTrax Technologies. Imagine steering your favourite game (which is MoD of course) only with a babana!




Potsdam, May 6th 2008 - A little documentary film...

... about monkeys' natural behaviour when armed to the teeth.

Choose your prefered format:

AVI-film, 400x300pix, 10 MB

MPG-film, 640x480pix, 22 MB (NEW!)

WAV-film, 640x480pix, 13MB (NEW!)



Potsdam, April 10th 2008 - Say "Happy Birthday, Mr. Mummy!"

This creepy little fellow is the youngest member in MoD family. - Bet, you can't wait to blow the sucker to pieces, right?!



Potsdam, March 8th 2008 - A good, old-school chainsaw...

... replaces the gauntlet. But be careful with the baby, trees could be harmed!


(click on the images to enlarge them)

Right picture: The BFG is now a BFSS, a Big F***g SuperSoaker! - Both still without sound, so NOT in the files-section yet :-(



Potsdam, February 28th 2008 - Two month without internet...

... were great! I've never been more productive! Thank you very much, Deutsche Telekom! Here comes what I put together:

1. Kat1024 - "Littlt Rock", one of the smallest but most beautiful maps for Quake3, is cartoonized! - Grab it from the >files section!

A big THANK YOU goes to the author of that map, Mister Ken 'kat' Beyer, of course!

As always I had no opportunity to test the map on other hardware than mine, so if it's too slow, too dark, too creepy or whatever on yours, >please let me know! I guess, some older machines might have problems with the mirrorpool, so I'm probably gonna release a version without it.

2. I replaced two more weapons, the grenadethrower and the rocketlauncher. This is how they'll look like in MONKEYS of DOOM:


(click on the images to enlarge them)

As soon as they have sound, I'm gonna put them to the files-section, too.

3. From now on all health derives from refreshing alcoholish-looking beverage instead of boring, hard to digest glassballs! Here is a picture of the yummies!


(click on the images to enlarge them)

4. ... Oh, and the armor looks a little different too!




Potsdam, December 19th 2007 - Here comes the checkered flag...

... for the map-contest! - Time for a big "THANK YOU!" to all who took part!

Over 30 maps have been sent in, most of them great, some fantastic!

Having them all together means the coolest part is next: Putting them through their paces in intense all-night-long hardcore-combat against man, woman and beast!



Potsdam, December 5th 2007 - Hey, hey!

The nice guys at PlanetQuake have chosen the shot of Mr. Satan as their >Picture of the Day !



Potsdam, November 30th 2007 - Something new to fiddle around with...

... is in the >files -section! Satan, Lady Pain and a so-far-secret weapon, called "Metal-Axe" (yeah, for the headbangers among you), are waiting there for the heaviest, most devilish, filthiest combat imaginable in "Quake III Arena"(TM)!



Potsdam, November 19th 2007 - Ladies and Gentlemen...

... Please rise from your seatings for the complete lineup of MONKEYS of DOOM! - Here come (in alphabetical order):



Axel Rouge

Monsieur Cabernet


Countess Hemoglobia

Karl (Team Red)

Miss Mantis

A fierce Nazi

Lady Pain



and Satan himself!

You can't see it, but they are all modelled and animated in finest 3D and ready to fight to their last polygone as soon as MONKEYS of DOOM is out!*

*(Which will hopefully be in the not-so-far future...;-)



Potsdam, October 28th 2007 - ACHTUNG-ACHTUNG...

It seems as if there was a technical problem with my mailserver during the last couple of days! So some of the maps you tried to send in may not have reached me!

Sorry for that! Please >try it again!



Potsdam, October 24th 2007- Some FAQ...

... refering to my "maps wanted" idea:

Q: I have a great map, but the style doesn't fit with MONKEYS of DOOM at all. Is that a problem?

A: No! Send it in as it is, the cartoonization is my part of the job!

Q: Doesn't it harm id's copyrights to buy/sell this stuff?

A: No, as I'm just looking for maps. No original id-content (textures, models, sounds) is needed, wanted or will be used.

Q: My map is really good, but is it among the best of all time?!

A: "Best of all time" comes with an invisible ;-) behind itself. "Really good" sounds good enough. Send it in!

Q: Why don't you save the money and make the maps by yourself?

A: Because none of us gets younger and we all want to see MoD before we're old and hate videogames, right?



Potsdam, October 22rd 2007 - To avoid trouble...

... with the guys from Southpark: No Cartman.



Potsdam, October 19th 2007 - Those were the goodies...

... here come the badasses:

(click on the image for a larger view)

We have, from left to right, skeleton Karl, an extra-fierce Nazi guy, Hard-Rock legend Axel Rouge, secret-agent Pale and a figure looking like Eric Cartman but isn't ;-)

(click on the image for a larger view)

... And the evil-ladys: Punkarella, Lady Pain, Countess Hemoglobia, Frau Hartman and Toodora.

- Ten women, ten men, all cartooney beauties of the highest grade, and the crew is complete!



Potsdam, October 16th 2007 - The cast, part 1:

Five guys, four of them new...

(click on the image for a larger view)

... named Robinson jr., Brickles, Monsieur Cabernet, McGrape and Dr. van Tan and five ladys (right, also four of them new)...

(click on the image for a larger view)

... who are (from left to right) Fräulein Rosa, Pinky-Sue, Mademoisselle Rouge, Albinia and Eclipse...

... form the first half of the cast of MONKEYS of DOOM!

So, no lack of killing-personnel, as far as I can see...



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